Hunt Armory

The URA instructions are that the redevelopment of the Hunt Armory should be primarily recreational, but supplemental uses may be incorporated to improve the economic viability of the project. Motheral’s proposed name for the redevelopment is THE ARMORY.

Motheral Real Estate

Motheral Real Estate was founded by Brinton Motheral upon his honorable discharge from serving with the U.S. Army in Vietnam. Six generations of The Motheral family have lived in the east end of Pittsburgh. Motheral Real Estate has completed numerous land developments in Western Pennsylvania, twenty five condominium conversion projects and presently owns and manages rental apartment buildings in Shadyside, Oakland and Washington, PA.


Motheral specializes in the renovation of Historical properties. Some of the past east end of Pittsburgh projects have been the Highwood, Dover Gables Townhouses, both in Shadyside, The D’Arlington that had Pittsburgh’s first residential elevator and Hampton Hall, both in Oakland.

Highwood Condominium Conversion

Dover Gables Tudor Townhomes – Shadyside

D’Arlington Condominium – Oakland

Hampton Hall Condominium – Oakland

The Hunt Armory

The Hunt Armory’s main building is over a football field in length and the interior height is 7 stories. An addition was added on each end.

European Opera House

The addition on the right looks like a European Opera House and Motheral’s proposal is to renovate that 12,500 square foot space with 4 theaters similar to the Manor theater in Squirrel Hill.

The Manor Theater

Three of the theaters would primarily show movies and the 4th theater would have live stage productions and plays, concerts, acting classes for children and adults and guest speaker programs.

Liberty Theater

The new theater at the Armory would be named The Liberty Theater after its predecessor The Liberty Theater in East Liberty of 1932-1966.


The Motheral proposal for the Armory would be the movie theater, a 5500 square foot comfortable and casual restaurant with outdoor seating next to a 10,000 square foot ice skating rink similar to the one at PPG in downtown Pittsburgh. There would be a 125 car parking garage. Above the garage are 38 condominiums.


View of the restaurant, skating and condominiums.


Proposed restaurant interior

Cooking classes will be held for children and adults. There will be tasteful entertainment and dancing on the weekends.

Ice Skating

The 10,000 square foot ice skating rink will be similar to PPG’s downtown Pittsburgh. The ice skating rink is open from 1 November to the end of March each year.

Skating Lessons

Special skating lessons and programs will be offered for children.


From April thru October each year the ice skating rink area will be converted to water fountains.

Tai Chi + Yoga

Next to the fountain in the plaza area, Yoga and Tai Chi classes will be held for children, families and adults.


Living Wall

The wall separating the rink area from the garage will be a living landscaped environmental wall.


Hunt Armory Memorial

The middle of the wall will be a Memorial History of the Hunt Armory detailing the contributions made by the military men and women of Pittsburgh.



The condominiums will be 450 square foot quality constructed and energy efficient modular units that can be combined with another section. Modular homes are built at a different location then brought to the home site. By building with modular units the construction time is greatly reduced. The primary condominium market is the over 55 active single and empty nester. The exclusive Armory condominiums offer quality with affordability, top security, the convenience of single floor living all in a great neighborhood.
There is an abundance of apartments in the Shadyside East End area. There has never been so many FOR RENT signs in 40 years.
Condominiums generate more tax revenue than rental
apartments as well as provide stability in the neighborhood.


The Shadyside East End area is very popular. There are over 175 parking spaces within a one block area of the Armory. Discussions are being held with local churches and business establishments in a 1-4 block area to obtain parking when they are not using the spaces. All the parking within a one block area will be valet parked at a reasonable charge. It is projected that in the very near future half the driving population will not have cars. One can now hail a cab through their phone app and be at The Armory in no time. The Liberty movie theater will be the only theater in Pittsburgh offer valet parking.


Parking Garage

There are times during the year like Saturday night Mass or a wedding when the lots are full and The Liberty theater, the skating rink and the restaurant will be a prime Shadyside destination. The Armory parking garage will feature single car lifts, as most garages in Manhattan, and valet parking that will accommodate 125 cars.


On weekends and holidays when the Armory will be the busiest and weekdays when necessary, a shuttle will run down Shady Ave to Club One where parking has been arranged for up to 100 cars. In less than 4 minutes you, your family and friends are at the Armory. The shuttle is part of the Fun experience. You get to meet new friends and neighbors.

Motheral Real Estate
400 Hastings Street
Pittsburgh, Pa 15206

August 3, 2017

Dear Mr. Motheral,

I have reviewed your presentation for the redevelopment of the Hunt Armory and feel it will be a wonderful addition to our East End neighborhood.

Club One has been located on Penn Avenue since 1979 and is an established member of the community. We will gladly work with you to provide additional parking for the patrons of The Armory.

Our parking lot has 124 parking spaces and the lot is rarely at capacity. Our busy time during the weekday is 9:00am thru 6:00pm when I could make 40 parking spaces available. After 6:00pm, the allotment could be increased to 75 parking spaces. On Saturday and Sunday Club One closes at 6:00pm. After 4:00 pm on the weekend, over 100 parking spaces can be made available to Armory patrons.

It is understood that compensation to be determined will be rendered on a per car basis. I wish you success in The Armory.

Truly yours,

Chris Labishak
Club 1 Fitness
Operating Owner

  • The windows along the front of the Armory on Emerson Street are dead lite windows. They do not open. All the glass will be removed from these areas. The roof will be opened. The building will be cleaned, pointed, stabilized and the interior painted. Lighting will be professionally added to the exterior to enhanced the architectural features and inside to high light the beams and trusses.
  • The Armory will be safe and secure, sparkle during the day with air and light streaming through. At night the atmosphere will be intriguing, romantic and magical. Imagine skating when its snowing through the opening in the roof, having dinner and seeing a movie at The new Liberty Theater, stretching and laughing during family yoga. The possibilities are Wonderful and Exciting.


The Armory

The Armory is a privately financed development.

The Armory has been planned and designed for the recreational enjoyment for everyone of all ages, from young children, teenagers, singles, couples, families and senior citizens. The Armory is for everyone in our Shadyside and east end communities.

Any comments or suggestions you support the Motheral proposal for the Armory, let the Urban Redevelopment Authority know at on their Hunt Armory community feedback form.